Our week in pictures

23 Feb

We have had so much going on lately! I had to have ACDF (spinal fusion) surgery on my cervical spine (neck) three weeks ago. We are so thankful for our friends and church family who called & texted, brought meals, & prayed during my recovery. I am doing great & it’s greAt to be able to use my hands & arms without them going numb or hurting.20140223-230941.jpgRecovering from this surgery with a one year old (who can only just army crawl) and a two year old, would not have been possible without my completely devoted husband, my mom, mother-in-law, our sweet babysitter, Hannah, and lots of prayers. I’m finally three weeks post surgery and finally feeling better. I am even taking off my cervical collar for short periods at home & doing well. I’m still not supposed to lift but sometimes with Rosalie, it just can’t be helped. And I think this week I will probably be able to start driving again. So thanks so much for the prayers!!

We had a VERY exciting week (including one trip to the ER) & I took some cute pictures that I wanted to share with y’all!

First, Rosalie is participating in the IRUN4 program (http://www.whoirun4.com). She has been paired with an amazing buddy, Amanda, who lives in Kentucky. Amanda runs for Rosalie since Rosalie can’t run herself.20140223-231104.jpg Amanda participated in the IRUN4 virtual race and completed a 5K in honor of Rosalie’s first birthday. She had the medal engraved and sent it to Rosalie along with some Valentine’s Day goodies for both girls. She is always so thoughtful to include MB. I hope we get to meet Amanda & her sweet family someday because we love them very much!

Sadly, when we moved from the city to the county, we had to change speech therapists. So Rosalie has a new ST, Katie, whom we LOVE and we loved her before because she is a friend. Katie works so hard with Rosalie, doing exercises and teaching me things to do to help with chewing, swallowing, keeping her tongue in & encouraging speech. Our one big goal lately has been for Rosalie to drink from a straw cup. Why is this so important? It’s not only something kids with Down syndrome tend to work toward, but typical kids too. It’s just better for oral motor development & strengthening their mouth muscles. Noah’ Dad has some great info about it:

“How my child with Down syndrome learned to drink from a straw cup”

“Why A Straw Cup Is Better Than a Sippy Cup or Bottle for Oral Motor Development”
Back to my story…Tuesday during speech therapy, we sat Rosalie down with her cip kup (http://www.arktherapeutic.com/Cip-kupSAR.html) and right before our eyes, she started to suck & drink from the straw!!!! I later grabbed the playtex straw trainer cup & she drank from it like it was her job!!! We were so so proud! What a sense of accomplishment & relief to see the wheels in her sweet noggin turning as things start to click for her.

We have a new PT too. We have started taking Rosalie to see Michelle at Sutherland Physical Therapy & things are going great. I can really see a progression even in just a short amount of time. So, the day after mastering the straw cup, Rosalie wasn’t done showing off. I was sitting in the den, watching her play & army crawl around on her belly, when right before my eyes, she just pushed herself up into a sitting position! I was stunned!! And then, of course, I took a picture before MB & I clapped & cheered for her. πŸ™‚ 20140223-233536.jpgI’ve seen her do it one other time in her crib as I watched on the baby monitor. We can FINALLY lower her crib!!!! I don’t think we’ve lowered it since she was born! We just didn’t need to because she didn’t have the strength to pull or push up. So exciting!!

Rosalie also had OT (occupational therapy) this week, but it just didn’t go as well as in the past. She completely passed out in my arms in the middle of the session so we are going to change the time of her OT.

The girls did have two play dates this week! One was LONG overdue!! My dear sweet lifelong friend came up from Tallahassee to visit her cousin’s beautiful new baby, who are also friends, so we just had one big play date. MB & Gabby had so much fun playing together, just like their mommies used to.
20140223-230758.jpgRosalie loved watching & trying to play & keep up, and sweet little EllaKate slept right through all of the squealing & screaming. πŸ™‚ I didn’t get to hold EllaKate this time because I wanted Andrea to have plenty of time to cuddle with her, plus this ginormous cervical collar makes baby holding a little awkward, but I’m gonna get my hands on her soon! πŸ™‚

Rosalie’s BFF, Reagan also came over to play this week& we had tons of fun as usual. That child is so beautiful & smart, I just love her & her sweet mommy so much! I wish I had taken a picture because the three girls looked like the perfect Carter’s spring advertisement. πŸ™‚

Later that evening, MB decided to dive head first over this chair onto the wood floor and get a concussion. 20140223-232237.jpg
She’s had a bad fall before, like the time she took a dive out of her crib head first & even got a swollen black eye from it, but this time was different. She didn’t cry for 15 min then go back to playing like before. She just laid in bed screaming in agony with ice on her head, going in & out of sleep. And when she would wake up, she could barely hold her eyes open. We had just made the call to take her to youth care so Will picked her up and then she just started vomiting profusely. It was terrifying. I don’t think Will or I have ever been so scared or moved so quick to get her to the hospital. 20140223-231217.jpgThey did a ct scan (tons of fun trying to hold her head still for that!) said it was just a mild concussion, & by the time we went home, she was already acting like herself, which was such a relief. I think she learned her lesson about climbing on the furniture….I hope!

On Friday, Rosalie was supposed to have a GI appointment at Shands, but we didn’t make it more than 6 miles down the interstate before almost being blown away. I have never seen the wind blow so hard. The weather was awful. So we rescheduled for March.

Here are some other precious pictures I took this week:

20140223-231429.jpgJust chillin’ watching tv together. How sweet is that? Thanks, Hannah, for taking this picture.

20140223-231623.jpgEating lunch with MB at the big girls’ table!

20140223-231818.jpgGrocery shopping with mom & dad!! (Don’t worry, fellow SCN moms, I sanitized the living daylights outta that cart!)

20140223-232017.jpgTea for Two!

20140223-232120.jpgI could truly eat her up!

I almost forgot the most important bit of news of all. Please pray for MB & Will’s & my sanity. We have taken the paci away. She lost it Saturday, we couldn’t find it, but Will did find it Sunday morning & promptly put it in the trash. No more pacifier. It is way past time for her to let go. She having a rough time, so please just say a little prayer that we make it through!
Have a blessed week from the Moore family!

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