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Praying for the light at the end of the tunnel

2 Oct

20131002-095341.jpgWe are finally on our way to Michigan!!

I have not updated the blog in a long time. It’s not because I have not wanted to, it’s just because I have had absolutely no time.

I have a two year old whose day is one constant tantrum. (And that’s another post for another day. Actually, no, I wouldn’t do that to you.) Not to mention an 8 month old who is glued to me like a tree frog. (Probably because she’s scared of the constant screaming coming from the two year old.)

(I would like to take this moment to apologize to all the mothers in the world. If I ever saw you in public with a screaming toddler and thought, “get control of your kids,” or “my kids will never act like that,” I AM SORRY. And to all the people who see mothers (or fathers) in public struggling with their screaming kids & have those thoughts, have a little pity. Lend a hand or something, but don’t stare. Trust me, your day may be coming. Sorry….waaaay off the subject. I’m chasing rabbits, Ray. : ) )

Anything I would have posted lately would not have been about our life, that’s for sure. I don’t like writing depressing stuff & I’m sure you don’t want to read it.

But now we are on our way to Michigan & I KNOW things are going to get better. They have to or else you may find MB & me both in a mental hospital.

Dr. Boxer has been so wonderful already and we haven’t even met him yet. We correspond via email about different things regarding Rosalie or myself at least once or twice per week. He is going to see me as a patient too. I am neutropenic, but nowhere near as severe as Rosalie is. Plus Rosalie has other issues on top of the neutropenia. Dr. Boxer initially planned to do bone marrow aspirations on both of us Fri morning, but he emailed me yesterday and said I did not need it. I asked him a few questions & he immediately responded. He is the best doctor! He said he just wanted to do some “blood studies” on me instead. But Rosalie will still have hers at 7:30 am & then we will see him at 1 pm Fri.

I hope I do not have completely unreal expectations, but I fully expect to go up to Michigan, maybe get orders for neupogen injections & IVIG treatments for Rosalie, and once we are home & her counts are up & steady, we can take her out & live a somewhat normal life. Please pray this or something like this happens. We cannot continue to be stuck in the house. MB & I are about to go crazy….I think we both maybe already have.

Thank you so much for the prayers for our family & also for my dad as he recovers from heart surgery.

Also…October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!! Get to know someone with Down syndrome! I promise you will be glad you did!