Five months old today!

14 Jun

20130614-123323.jpgFive months ago we woke up & had absolutely no idea the dramatic turn our lives would take that day. Kinda crazy to really sit & think about it. I didn’t expect to have a baby that day. I didn’t expect to be told that she did in fact have Down syndrome, after being told she didn’t. I didn’t expect to begin a life full of doctor appointments and hospital visits. Nothing could have prepared us for the stage we were about to be thrust upon by having a special needs child.

But I am not complaining. Because with all of this came an AMAZING, PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, ***PERFECT*** little bundle of sweet love named Rosalie. I never imagined I could love another child like this. Her smile lights up our whole world and we could not imagine our lives without her. I just can’t get enough of her.

It was about this time last year that we found out we were expecting this sweet baby. All of a parent’s dreams for their child begin as soon as they get that first positive pregnancy test. I don’t know anyone who includes Down syndrome in those hopes and dreams. If you get a prenatal or birth diagnosis, you WILL grieve the loss of those dreams. That is completely normal & to be expected. Just know that with time, everything works itself out. You will be happy, you will absolutely adore your child (not that you ever didn’t), and eventually you won’t look at your child and see “Down syndrome” anymore.

Ok, I’m rambling, sorry!

So Rosalie is 5 months old! She is 12 lbs & 25 in. She loves to play on her Baby Einstein play mat. She really likes to hold on to blankies, burp cloths, or whatever article of clothing she can get her hands on & bring to her mouth. She loves to smile and I can *almost* get a half giggle from her when I gently bounce & sing to her. She loves it when her daddy sings to her, just like big sister did as a baby. She likes to suck her thumb and absolutely will not take a pacifier. She is a great sleeper, waking up at night only to eat (trust me, after one baby with colic, we know how fortunate we are!). She loves it when big sister talks or sings to her. She likes to be walked around so she can explore. If she’s crying, you know something’s really wrong. She does NOT like bath time. She loves to be talked to & she loves to talk back. We have the best conversations. 🙂

Rosalie has been doing well since she got out of the hospital Wednesday. We stayed in a hotel Wednesday night because I was exhausted & had a migraine & just did not see myself making that drive alone with a baby feeling that bad. Thankfully, Rosalie slept 8 straight hours that night & we had a very uneventful drive home Thursday. Mary Beth was having so much fun with her babysitters, I think she was a little less than thrilled to see me walk through the door. But that’s ok. I’d much rather know she’s happy. She went through a wants-to-be-a-cowgirl phase while I was gone:


I am just glad Will was able to be with her in the afternoon & at night. That would have been a lot for a two year old to handle if we both left after Will was already out of town for two weeks. Hopefully everything should be “normal” until Rosalie’s next IVIG infusion in July.

Here are a couple of shots from our little impromptu photo shoot this morning:



Have a great weekend!


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