Health update

6 Jun

First, I am so proud of my sweet husband. As of tomorrow, he will be finished with his first two weeks at the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. But I CANNOT WAIT for him to get home & I know he misses his girls too. It has been a ROUGH two weeks (yesterday was the worst by far) without him home but I am so thankful to my mom (especially), my mom-in-law, & my friends for their help.

And if I thought this week was bad…next week is starting to make this week look like a cake walk.

Rosalie finished her fourth round of antibiotics for C diff on Sunday. Big surprise…she still has C diff. So I put in a call to our GI doc in Savannah late Tues. (TMI warning) Well Wed, Rosalie had a mucousy diaper with red blood mixed in, as usual. But this time, it also had black coffee grind looking things in it. Well, if you know about poop, you know that’s not a good sign. So Dr. Rittmeyer is putting her back on vancomycin, her FIFTH round of antibiotics since March, and putting her on a stronger reflux med too because she has been spitting up & choking a lot more.

And I will have to take her back to Savannah to see him on Tues. I think this is stressing me out the most because Will won’t be able to go & my usual childcare for MB won’t be available. So I will really be depending on the help of friends if for some reason the trip to Savannah turns into an extended stay like it did the first time. I already have a sweet, wonderful volunteer to travel with me, hopefully that will work out & I know that MB will be taken care of during the day by one friend or another.

I never imagined I would have to lean on and ask so much of my friends and family. God has truly blessed us with some amazing angels. We really had to learn to accept help from friends & family, but sometimes you just have no other option.

In addition to all of this, Rosalie is severely neutropenic. She basically has no immune system at all. If you know about neutrophil counts, her ANC in Savannah was 160. A normal ANC is about 3,000-5,000. Anything under 500 is considered severe. So if you are wondering why you haven’t seen us at church or out in public, that is why. We just cannot risk it. If she gets sick, I am willing to bet she will be back in the hospital. She has even somehow picked up a little cold since Saturday & has been running a low grade fever. Anyway, we have been referred to a pediatric oncologist/hematologist in Savannah & we will also see him on Tuesday.

So that’s how things are going in the Moore house. I did so well keeping the majority of the house straight last week. But this week… is embarrassing!! If you know of a really good DEPENDABLE person who cleans & does laundry (and someone I won’t need to clean my house beforehand for!), please let me know! I could really use the help!


One Response to “Health update”

  1. Ann Hall June 6, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    Love you and wish I could be of more help. Praying they will get answers and that Rosalie will begin to make steady improvement.

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